13th Jan

Google’s Autocomplete Prophecy


Google’s autocomplete has never failed to confirm my worst concerns and fears about human beings.  But, today, after beginning the search “PhDs and…”, I became convinced that this pesky involuntary unpaid sabbatical that I’m currently NOT AT ALL enjoying might be just a little persistent.



14th Jan 2014 - reply

I was already shuddering at the poor production values of PhDs and pigtails– then I bravely clicked.


    Drew Shaw

    20th Jan 2014 - reply

    I was really relieved when I ended up clicking on it too!

G.C. Longinus

16th Jan 2014 - reply

You know what the best part of rage is? Venting it at a worthy target. So therapeutic.

In completely unrelated news, conservative ass-hat Kevin O’Leary will be signing copies of his crappy new book at an Indigo in Guelph on February 18th.

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