Sociology as a Liminal Space

*** I wrote this in 2009 during one of our (Sociology and I) most difficult times.


Mr. Giant, I’m ready to jump off your shoulder.
The view is mundane, now that I’m older.
I want to crawl back into Plato’s cave.
No need for chains, because I’ll behave.
I’ll stand still and face the wall…
I’ll happily ignore the philosopher’s call.

I’ll trade you my apathy for some ignorance…
if you’ll kindly help me get off this fence.

One reply on “Sociology as a Liminal Space”

Why are you ready to jump of my shoulder?
Age does not mean that one must grow colder.
Now the far view is all that you’ll crave.
This is the time for you to be brave.
Do not mistake yourself for a thrall,
Search in your heart and heed the call.

Bliss came and went along with innocence,
Lets us forget this cultural dissonance.

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